What is CEAN ?

It is a user level erlang tool with following advantages:

  • provides erlang core and libraries for many supported platforms.
  • allows web searching of available packages.
  • allows direct use within erlang shell.
  • manages installed/available packages.
  • helps you to keep your erlang system up-to-date.
  • provides simple erlang deployment on production systems.


It is developped and maintained by Christophe Romain christophe dot romain at process-one dot net. The cean erlang library is also developped by Bengt Kleberg.


Many thanks to:

  • Bengt Kleberg (scripting, tests, ideas, cean help, FAQ, besea)
  • Geoff Cant (cean clustering)
  • Joe Armstrong (ideas, packaging guide, technical help)
  • All people who helped on previous versions starting with Erlang R11 (Yan Guiborat, Jason A. Hoffman, Brian Zhou, Jay Nelson, Vlad Dumitrescu)
  • And all people reporting bugs and posting on forum