Submit packages

You're using an Erlang contribution which is not packaged for CEAN ?

just tell us about !

Download the Packaging Guide, follow instructions and email your package to contrib at process-one dot net.

You can also use the Online packager. It allows to register a package in few minutes only !

Improve packages

You can modify the .pub file comming with each package using the developper framework. Find it into ~/.cean/pkg/package/ When you feel happy with the improvments, you can submit them to contrib at process-one dot net.

Improve the package search feature

The search feature does only perform exact word matching. This is really bad. You can download the actual demo code and improve the search/1 function. This function is used both from website and cean shell. The use of regexp would be great. Score ordering would also be really cool as well !
Note: the new algorithm can use mnesia storage.

Support more systems

If you want CEAN to support your platform, you can help ! it's very easy:

  • download the cean framework
  • build your own bootstrap with 'cean init' command (see FAQ)
  • email the generated bootstraps (in $HOME/.cache/cean/bootstraps) to contrib at process-one dot net

Improve quality

You've found an error or a bug included into CEAN ? Go to the Forum, or send an email to christophe dot romain at process-one dot net with subject CEAN.