CEAN Base System

If you already have an existing Erlang installation and want to use CEAN on it, you just need to download the CEAN library and extract the archive into your erlang lib directory. Windows users may better download a zip archive of CEAN library. Then follow the instruction from the FAQ.

If you want to use CEAN and do not have Erlang installed, or need several different version of Erlang installed on your computer, you need to install a minimal CEAN Erlang bootstrap compiled for your platform:

  • Select archive type
    • installer is a self extractable executable archive
    • archive is a standard tar.gz/zip archive
  • Select the Erlang/OTP version
  • Select Operating System and architecture

Type Erlang Operating System

Supported platforms:
  • R12B-5:
    linux(x86,x86_64) darwin-x86 windows
  • R13B04:
    linux(x86,x86_64) darwin-x86 windows
  • R14B04:
    linux(armel,armhf,mips,mipsel,powerpc,sh4,sparc,sparc64,x86,x86_64) darwin(x86,x86_64) windows netbsd-x86
  • R15B:
    linux(x86,x86_64) darwin(x86,x86_64) windows netbsd-x86