Happy new year! - CEAN 2.0 is out

After three years of no visible activity, i'm happy to announce a new release of CEAN.

CEAN-2.0 comes with Erlang R12B-5, R13B04, R14B04, and R15B and can build any other erlang version you need. More than providing binary packages, it now provides an entire erlang development/build/package framework based on zsh, that makes it compatible with any POSIX system. The aim is to reach a production quality level of autogenerated erlang packages, with a cross-platform framework.

The most valuable CEAN-2.0 features are:

  • Provide both erlang and unix shell commands.
  • Build and packaging framework is now Open Source.
  • Ability to generate packages and standalone installers.
  • Work in cluster environment. It's possible to sync Erlang/CEAN installation on several hosts using just one command.
  • Ability to have as many Erlang version installed as needed.
  • Reliable package dependencies generator.