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Packages in database's category

  • edbcErlang Database Connectivity
  • epgsqlErlang PostgreSQL Database Client
  • fragmentronAutomatically balance mnesia tables (or general erlang processes) in response to node set changes
  • gridfileAdaptable, Symmetric Multikey File Structure
  • memcachedmemcache server
  • mnesiaA heavy duty real-time distributed database
  • mnesiaexStorage API extensions for Mnesia
  • mysqlMySQL native driver
  • odbcAn interface to relational SQL-databases built on ODBC
  • pgsqlSecond attempt at writing a PostgreSQL frontend. Connects by plain tcp and should be able to perform simple SQL commands.
  • rdbmsA relational database management layer on top of mnesia
  • safedetsA version of dets that never enters the repair mode
  • scalarisDistributed Transactional Key-Value Store
  • schemafinderautomatically maintain a distributed mnesia configuration
  • sqliteSQLite driver
  • tcerlport of tokyocabinet to erlang, an tokyocabinet based erlang term store
  • trexA GUI to mnesia and ets
  • tvAn ETS and MNESIA graphical table visualizer
  • view_backupSimple program for loading mnesia backup files
  • ysqlYaws SQL Browser