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Packages in driver's category

  • asn1Provides support for Abstract Syntax Notation One
  • cryptoCryptographical support
  • edtkErlang Driver Toolkit
  • epgsqlErlang PostgreSQL Database Client
  • erl_interfaceLow level interface to C
  • ex11This is an Erlang-X11 binding, i.e an implementation of the X11 protocol in Erlang
  • exmppErlang jabber/XMPP library
  • fuserlErlang bindings for FUSE
  • gd1_drvThis driver is for GD, a library for dynamic creation of PNG and JPEG images: line drawing, polygons, text, and lots more
  • gtknodeGTK+2 binding for erlang
  • iconvInterface to the iconv character set convertion library
  • jinterfaceLow level interface to Java
  • mysqlMySQL native driver
  • odbcAn interface to relational SQL-databases built on ODBC
  • otp.netA port of jinterface- to C#.NET
  • pgsqlSecond attempt at writing a PostgreSQL frontend. Connects by plain tcp and should be able to perform simple SQL commands.
  • posix_drvSmall driver for POSIX functions not normally supported by the Erlang runtime system
  • sablotronErlang bind for Sablotron, a C++ XSL processor
  • serialSerial driver for UNIX
  • slA driver for using serial ports on unix & win32
  • slangan erlang interface to the amazing highly portable tty interface slang
  • spread_drvThis driver is for Spread, a reliable multicast library. See
  • sqliteSQLite driver
  • sslAn interface to UNIX BSD sockets with Secure Sockets Layer
  • tcerlport of tokyocabinet to erlang, an tokyocabinet based erlang term store
  • tuntapLinux Universal TUN/TAP device driver
  • unixdom_drvA reimplementation of UNIX domain socket support