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Packages in misc's category

  • croneSimple cron-like scheduler
  • distelDistributed Emacs Lisp, or, an Emacs-based IDE for Erlang programming
  • ejabberd_modulesExtra modules for jabber/XMPP server
  • erlaunchRun Erlang programs as command line utilities
  • erlsoapSOAP implementation
  • erlsomXML parsing library.
  • esenseErlang IntelliSense for Emacs
  • fuserlErlang bindings for FUSE
  • gdcGreat Digital Clock, using IG and the curses library
  • gencronPeriodic command execution in Erlang
  • jsonparseran efficient parser for json documents with a SAX-like API
  • lockerEfficient and scalable read-write locker
  • manderlbotErlang written IRC bot and possibly client
  • mibsThis is a container application for SNMP mibs
  • mscMiscellaneous small (single-file) libraries
  • nedit_modeErlang Nedit mode
  • orcasAn offline client for RSDN in Erlang
  • otp_mibsSNMP management information base for Erlang/OTP nodes
  • peruseViews log files interactively on terminal
  • plistsparallel list operations
  • prettyprA generic, flexible pretty printing library
  • procFlexible Local Process Registry
  • proc_reggeneric process registration facility
  • service_brokerBrokering and supervision of services
  • syslogInterface to the Unix syslog facility
  • topTOP display information about processes
  • uueUUencode and uudecode in plain erlang