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Packages in server's category

  • ejabberdErlang jabber/XMPP server
  • enfsMinimal NFS v2 server in Erlang
  • epopA POP3 server/client package
  • erldirerldir is an open source DNS and LDAP server
  • erlmailerlmail is a complete email solution
  • erlvoipVoice over IP services written in Erlang
  • erlweberlweb is a complete Web Server
  • erlyvideoErlang Media Server for Flash (RTMP) Audio/Video streaming
  • fd_serverMakes it possible to open up privileged ports from Erlang running as non-root
  • ftpdErlang FTP daemon
  • gen_leaderThis application implements a leader election behaviour modeled after gen_server. This behaviour intends to make it reasonably straightforward to implement a fully distributed server with master-slave semantics
  • iserveA small http server for erlang.
  • mochiwebMochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers
  • nfsNFS server
  • picoJoe Armstrong's pico (http server) and wiki code
  • reshdRemote Erlang shell daemon
  • shbufErlang server for sharing Emacs buffers & Emacs-Lisp client
  • twoorlTwoorl is an open source Twitter clone written using ErlyWeb
  • yawsYAWS is an ERLANG web server
  • yxaYxa is both a transaction stateful SIP stack, and a set of SIP server applications