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Packages in text's category

  • bfileAn interface to fast FILE I/O
  • ergexHere are two different regular-expression implementations, both are written from scratch. Also included is a simplistic regular-expression parser
  • erlgutenERlGuten is a system for high-quality typesetting
  • erlspectErlspect is a simple tool for automating interactive text based applications
  • gregexpThis module extends the regexp module in OTP R7B-1 with support for submatches. This makes it possible to retrieve several components of a match with a single evaluation of a regexp.
  • iconvInterface to the iconv character set convertion library
  • jsonparseran efficient parser for json documents with a SAX-like API
  • oregexpErlang bindings for the Oniguruma regular expressions library
  • posregexStandard regexp
  • property_fileConfiguration file parser
  • rvreA POSIX compatibile regex library in pure erlang for binaries and strings
  • sgteSimple Template Engine
  • shbufErlang server for sharing Emacs buffers & Emacs-Lisp client
  • slangan erlang interface to the amazing highly portable tty interface slang
  • tdbTTY interface to the Erlang dubugger
  • ucsSimple Universal Character Set support (UCS, ISO 10646, Unicode)
  • xml_ltVerifying XML parser
  • yamlAn Erlang module to parse YAML files