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  • assocAssociative arrays
  • bloomerlBloom filters
  • bucket_gridN-dimensional bucket grid
  • dequeImplementation of double ended queues
  • dynarrayExpanding array for heap-based storage
  • linesEfficient array-of-lines ADT. Allows for append, as well as insert, replace, delete in any position with reasonable access times
  • measurementMeasurement ADT
  • ml9simple markup language handling many different types of data in a single unified framework
  • mnesiaexStorage API extensions for Mnesia
  • ralSkew-binary random-access lists, ala Chris Okasaki
  • rbdictRbdict is a dict compatible dictionary based on Red-Black trees
  • rbsetsRbsets is a set as a red black tree
  • reclessA type inferring Erlang parse transform
  • streamssome very old Erlang code implementing streams
  • tplThe Priority List
  • ubflanguage for transporting and describing complex data structures across a network