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Packages in web's category

  • bttthe Bluetail Ticket Tracker
  • ccviewerWeb-based source code browser
  • eblogThe Erlang Blog Web App
  • eddiehigh availability clustering tool
  • ehtmlExtended HTML
  • erl_cgia cgi-erlang interface with a lot of nice features, such as esp scripts
  • erlweberlweb is a complete Web Server
  • erlycometErlyComet allows to plug in Bayeux compliant Comet functionality in Erlang Web servers
  • erlywebThe Erlang Twist on Web Framworks
  • inetsA set of services such as a Web server and a ftp client
  • iserveA small http server for erlang.
  • jsThis is an embryo to a Javascript support library for Erlang and yaws programming
  • mangoExperimental, Django inspired, web-framework
  • mochiwebMochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers
  • openflaxExperimental web server
  • picoJoe Armstrong's pico (http server) and wiki code
  • sgteSimple Template Engine
  • stlWeb template processing system
  • toolsA set of programming tools including a coverage analyzer
  • webtoolA tool that simplifying the use of web based Erlang tools
  • wikiJoe Armstrong's wiki code
  • www_toolsThis is Joe Armstrong's www_tools contrib
  • yawsYAWS is an ERLANG web server